- Groupe CcC - Valentin Bigel & Alice Gavin - Collaborative design studioAll ©©© images

"Tout Graphisme !" graphic design workshop Studio 13-16 at Centre Pompidou Paris ¬ 2014

Towers by Yung Gutted Ep design for record label Earnest Endeavours Paris ¬ 2014

zeldapassini.com website Paris ¬ 2014

#Artselfie by DIS Magazine A book edited by Jean Boîte Éditions Paris ¬ 2014

Hyper Geography by Joe Hamilton A book edited by Jean Boîte Éditions Paris ¬ 2014

Les Mots et les Choses for F93 workshop restitution book Paris ¬ 2014

Conversation Pieces by curator Karin Shlageter a book collection for exhibition 100 ans plus tard at Palais de Tokyo Paris ¬ 2014

Calendes by Compagnie La Rumeur folded leaflet for theater festival at Usine Hollander Choisy-Le-Roi ¬ 2014

K & A C by Krypt World w/ Andrea Crews art direction for collection & logo design Paris ¬ 2013

F93 secondary school graphic design workshop at collège Robespierre Épinay-sur-Seine ¬ 2013-2014

Über logo by Groupe ccc a review exhibited over VOLK group show at Werstwerk Leipzig ¬ 2013

Deadline by Compagnie La Rumeur communication for theater play at Usine Hollander Choisy-Le-Roi ¬ 2014

Slogo by Volk graphic design workshop at we-make-it Berlin ¬ 2013

On Plate Still Hungry font London ¬ 2013

En Promotion for F93 workshop restitution posters edition Paris ¬ 2013

Screen Test II by Earnest Endeavours's visual takeover at Village Underground London ¬ 2013

Géométrie Variable by Super Window Project posters series for exhibition in collaboration w/ architecture group La Ville Rayée at Reims ¬ 2013

Quaker street bowl by Benedict Radcliffe logo & font design Silwex House London ¬ 2013

Nightwalk by Jérôme Laufer music video commissioned by Screen Test I screened at village underground London ¬ 2013

Dazed Digital march playlist's visual for Dazed magazine London ¬ 2013

L'enfer c'est les autres by EEF22M 5/6 graphic design workshop w/ Eve Chabanon, Barbara Quintin, s-y-n-d-i-c-a-t, Éditions bakou, Etienne Hervy at 22ruemuller Paris ¬ 2013

Thank you for the boxes an exhibition by the Giustinani's & Louise Duneton for EEF22M 4/6 Posters w/ Tom Kracauer at 22ruemuller Paris ¬ 2013

Jacques Lizène book commissioned by EncorEncore for group exhibition at 22rueMuller Paris ¬ 2012

Remixes a group exhibition by Jacques Lizène for EEF22M 3/6 website w/ Bonjour Jean Jacques at 22ruemuller Paris ¬ 2012

Volumes an exhibition by Raphaël Bastide for EEF22M 2/6 poster design w/ Kévin Bray at 22ruemuller Paris ¬ 2012

Deux jours de Râga au soleil an exhibition by Collectif Sin for EEF22M 1/6 poster design w/ Marc boudeau at 22ruemuller Paris ¬ 2012

Encore Encore Faire au 22 rue muller exhibitions series, posters and flyers at 22ruemuller Paris ¬ 2012
Premier salon national du liver libre poster and leaflet Orange ¬ 2012
22ruemuller.com website Paris ¬ 2012
PYS by Groupe ccc a newspaper exhibited over GAZETTE show at MZIN Leipzig ¬ 2012
F93 secondary school graphic design workshop at collège Pablo Neruda Pierrefitte ¬ 2012-2013
Christos Anesti by Lucas Grisinelli photo edition for exhibition at Quarks festival Lyon ¬ 2012
Au bord de la route by Cie La Rumeur gloal visual communication & video for stage at festival Off Avignon 2012
Pitch Your Sunday wild card given by Mercredi Production poster series over record label fair at point Ephemere Paris ¬ 2012
Arthur Rainbow by Galerie Air de Paris font Paris ¬ 2012
La campagne poster commissioned by Poli & Kaiserin éditions Review for group exhibition at point Ephemere Paris ¬ 2012
Abidjan for Laurence Airlines SS12 fashion movie commissioned by Under/Current magazine London ¬ 2011
Au bord de la route by Cie La Rumeur global visual communication & video for stage at Usine Hollander choisy-le-roi 2011
Telomeres by Holstenwall music video for Third Side Records Paris ¬ 2011
danicabijeljac.com website Paris ¬ 2011
Galerie Sophie Rozenberg art direction, global visual communication & website for art gallery Paris ¬ 2011-2013